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The university’s Sanshia campus sits on 54 hectares of land, planted with more than...

Campus Life and Activities


Welcome to the dazzling Sanshia!!!

Sanshia is a small town where you can feel both modern and traditional atmosphere. In the southwestern part of New Taipei City in northern Taiwan, Sanshia has an area of 191.45 km² and a population of 100,000. It is about 25 km to the Taoyuan International Airport and 30 km to downtown Taipei.

The university’s Sanshia campus sits on 54 hectares of land, planted with more than 100 species of flowers, trees, and bushes. These plants carpet the university with lush greenery and vivid colors all-year round. This picturesque scene serves as a backdrop for the calm and serene lake beside which the dormitories are built, serving as homes for more than 1,000 students.

Sport and Activities


Sports and the promotion of athletics have always been a priority of the university. Beyond the lush greenery are the sports facilities, which include a soccer field, a softball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis rooms, aerobic studios, a rock climbing center, an athletic gym, a bike room, and Level 2 outdoor track and field oval. Come and be a part of the NTPU family! You are also very welcome to visit our campus and savor the old world atmosphere bustling with young vitality.


Accommodation in Sanshia
Normally, international students are arranged to reside at NTPU’s dormitory. Due to huge demand for our dormitory in recent years, off-campus accommodation is also available.

On-campus dormitory
Usually, four undergraduate students share a room, two graduate students share a room. Male and female rooms are separate in NTPU dormitories. Please note that meanwhile we don’t supply any on-campus accommodation for couples or families.

Off-campus accommodation
In addition to on-campus accommodation, there are many apartments and rental houses close to our campus. The rent for off-campus accommodation ranges from NT$4000 to 10000 (US$100 to 330) per month depending on housing conditions. If you need any help or suggestion for renting accommodation, the Office of students Affairs will be love to help you.

Scholarships and Bursaries

In each term scholarships between NTD$25,000 and NTD$50,000 are available for MBA in Finance students. All new applicants will also be considered candidates for scholarships / bursaries. These awards are for candidates who have a proven record of academic performance, or evidence of exceptional abilities or potentials. Successful candidates will be notified after the admission result is released. All current GMBA students are also welcome to apply at the beginning of the term. There is a great chance for GMBA students to be awarded.

On Campus Employment

MBA in Finance provides various kinds of job opportunities (TA/RA) at Sanshia campus for our program students. A monthly wage will be NTD$ 5,000-6,000. The duration is up to 12 months. All of the information will be posted on program website. For anyone who is interested in, please contact the program office directly.

* Before starting to apply for a TA/RA position, ARC and Working Permit are both required.

* A student can only start to work when the above hiring process is completed.

Form of ARC Application/ Overseas Chinese Office:

Working Permit Application/ Overseas Chinese Office:



Office of International Affairs (OIA) holds orientation for international degree/exchange students. Usually it will be in the first week of the semester. The detailed information will be provided before enrollment. Visit Office of International Affairs:

ARC Application


 A foreigner upon entry via a valid visa unstamped No Extension or other restraints noted by the issuing agency with the validity of visit not less than 60 days may apply for residence to the NIA and hereby an ARC will be issued via permission.

Information of ARC Application:

Form of ARC Application/ Overseas Chinese Office:

Academic Calendar

Program Events

In each semester, program office will hold several kinds of activities/ trips/ visits of local companies.
It helps program students not only to have more understanding of NTPU but also to experience more on this beautiful island, Taiwan.


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