Mission and Vision

Program Mission

Foster future financial leaders with the capability to integrate global views and Asian perspectives into innovative and sustainable management.


Program Learning Outcome

  • Communication: Each student will be able to demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication.
  • Teamwork: Each student will demonstrate the ability to work well in teams.
  • Professionalism: Each student will have the ability to address and analyze business problems and provide suggestions to the related fields.
  • Business values: Each student will be aware of sustainable and ethical issues and their implications.
  • Global awareness: Each student will gain global awareness by participating in related activities.


The curriculum prepares students to achieve the expected student learning outcomes identified by the program. The following table demonstrates how learning activities in specific courses map to these learning outcomes.

Required Courses and Experiences

MBA in Finance Program Learning Outcomes

Curriculum Map




Business Values

Global Awareness

Financial Management




Financial Institutions Management




Financial Econometrics









Financial Derivatives



Financial Ethics





Global Citizenship Passport