Financial Aids


From Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships provided by Taiwan government, such as Taiwan scholarship. Information about Taiwan Scholarship Program is available at 

Applicants who have received Taiwan scholarship are not eligible to receive National Taipei University Scholarship.


NTPU provides our matriculated program students various types of financial supports each semester, including full scholarships, partial scholarships, tuition waivers, and assistantships. All new applicants who have proven records of outstanding academic performance or evidence of exceptional abilities or potentials are considered as candidates for scholarships / bursaries. Successful candidates will be notified after the admission results are released. All current students in the program with excellent academic performance are also eligible to apply for scholarships / bursaries at the beginning of each semester. The final decision of scholarship is approved by program scholarship committee.

  • Full scholarship covers tuition fees, credit fees and computer access fee, and provides living cost subsidy, such as monthly stipend and on-campus accommodation. The amount is up to NT$120,000 per semester.
  • Partial scholarship can be tuition waiver or credit fee waiver. The amount can vary from NT$25,000 to NT$80,000 per semester, depending on the applicant’s record of academic performance.


  • Assistantship – students can also apply to work as graduate research associate or graduate teaching associate.

* Before starting to apply for a TA position or on-campus employment, ARC and Working Permit are both required.


* A student can only start to work when the above hiring process is completed.