Our faculty mainly come from the College of Business, which has a long tradition of cradling business elite for the society.

Professors under our MBA in Finance, International College of Sustainability Innovations:
- Quang Thai Truong (Harry)
- Robin Chen


Quang Thai Truong (Harry), Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Finance, National Chiao Tung University
Robin Chen, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Finance, Yuan Ze University
Wu, Tai-Hsi, Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. Texas A&M University
Goo, Yeong-Jia, Professor
Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington
Lin, Mei-Chen, Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. National Central University; Visiting Scholar of Fulbright Scholarship, University of California, Berkeley
Chen, Dar-Hsin, Professor
Ph.D. University of Mississippi
Chen, Yu-Shan, Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. National Cheng Chi University
Chih, Hsiang-Lin, Professor
Ph.D. National Taiwan University
Wang, C. Edward, Professor
Ph.D. University of Tennessee
Cheng, Colin C.J. Professor
Ph.D. The University of Birmingham
Huang, Mei-Chi, Professor
Ph.D. University of California at Riverside
Wu, Meng-Wen, Professor
Ph.D. National Cheng Chi University