The program curriculum is designed to provide students with the in-depth perspective and the analytical tools to flourish in financial services and corporate finance positions. Internship course is optional but is strongly encouraged.
The program requires 35 graduate credits plus a 6-credit thesis, with a total of 41 credits. The standard load is 3-4 courses per semester.

Global Citizenship Passport

The program of MBA in Finance encourages its students to participate in activities of an international nature or activities that explore Taiwan culture. Students will gain points of Global Citizenship Passport after participating the activities that are recognized by the Program. The points for graduation in the Program are 6 points.


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Refer to the following for calculating the points earned for each activity:

Activity type: Points
  • Exchange student or dual-degree program student at an overseas sister school
3 points per participation
  • Participate in business/cultural visits (including activities organized by the Program and other units of NTPU (such as the Office of International Affairs) but recognized by the Program)
1 point per visit
  • Participating in competitions (on or off campus) in the fields of business management or finance in teams formed of students of different nationalities

3 points per competition

Additional 3 points for each award won
  • Participating in other competitions (on or off campus) in teams formed of students of different nationalities

2 points per competition

Additional 1 point for each award won
  • Participating in the student buddy program held by the Program
1 point per semester
  • Participating in an international conference and presenting an academic paper
6 points per conference and presentation
  • Participating in local public-good events or volunteering
1 point per participation