About ICSI

An institution steeped in history, National Taipei University began as Taiwan Provincial College of Public Administration in 1949 to educate and train the country’s business and legal elite. In 2000, National Taipei University was reorganized and restructured from the Law and Business College of National Chung-Hsin University. In 2010, the NTPU finally completed the entire relocation project, moving the six colleges from the downtown campus in the Taipei City, to the present San-Shia main campus in the New Taipei City. Over the past few decades, the NTPU has traditionally played a significant and pivotal role in educating and developing the mid- and high-level talents in the areas of law, business, public administration, as well as social sciences.


The International College of Sustainability Innovations (ICSI) was founded in August 2019 as the seventh college of NTPU. By offering completely English-taught Master courses under the supports of NTPU’s abundant teaching capacity and by providing friendly learning environment, ICSI aims to attract international students who are interested in pursuing higher education in Taiwan.


Currently, ICSI has three Master programs: Master Program of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance , International Program on Urban Governance (IPUG) and Master Program in Smart Healthcare Management (SHM). With the support from all programs in the University, particularly the College of Business and the College of Public Affairs, ICSI’s goal is to equip our students with solid training in academic studies and good understanding in Asia-Pacific Market through Taiwan experience.